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Like everything in the state, skiing in Pennsylvania is often divided into three distinct geographic regions:

  • Pittsburgh and western PA
  • Philadelphia and eastern PA
  • Central and northern PA, also known as the T

The Appalachian Mountains are responsible for reinforcing this geographic isolation, while also creating much of the best skiing in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, you can also find different types of resorts and ski areas throughout the state. Looking for something kid-friendly outside of Philadelphia? Looking for something a little more upscale in the western half of the state? Looking for challenging runs and ski-in, ski-out convenience? Or something reasonably close to Pittsburgh for a day trip into the mountains? You can find all this and more from the skiing in Pennsylvania.

Interstate Appeal

People in this state are known for not venturing far from home. Yet, many skiers are also known to be fanatical in their love for skiing. So, while many local skiers have a preferred ski area and home base that they return to time and time again, a trip to the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado can be an annual ritual or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Yet, closer to home, the skiing in Pennsylvania plays second fiddle to no one. Many New Yorkers come to the state for the ski resorts near Philly and Scranton. Meanwhile, people from all over the Mid-Atlantic visit the popular ski areas that dot the southern part of the state.

More Tips for Skiing in Pennsylvania

It might be a stretch to say that Pennsylvania can compete with the Colorado Rocky Mountains, but it’s a myth that you can’t find a challenge skiing in Pennsylvania. Blue Knob, specifically, is known for having some of the toughest runs, but you can find exciting turns and a unique charm at almost any place you visit.

For those people who do tend to stick to one place, season pass discounts are often the deal of choice, but the truth is that it’s possible to ski Pennsylvania affordably even while canvassing both sides of the state. Make sure you take advantage of available online discounts and package deals that can help you explore a ski area for several days to a week or more without completely breaking your winter budget.

Affordability is also important given the relatively long ski season that many years deliver. It’s not just the cold winters, either. The hard-pack slopes and snow-making infrastructure create extra weeks for the ski season window. Have a specific question that you don’t see answered here? Don’t hesitate to send us your query, and we’ll tell you what we know.

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